Saturday, May 5, 2012

Half Barrel Pond

a few years ago i purchased a whiskey barrel to put a fish pond in...we had just put a cover on our patio and i wanted to hear water while i sat didn't work so well...from where the pond was it didn't get enough sun...i moved it last year in the middle of summer but never filled it back up...all of my fish and plants had died so i just gave up...

just a standard 1/2 whiskey can use these without a liner but i purchased one because i have bad luck and i figured it would leak...i think the barrels are around $30 at home depot...
just a shot of how it looks before
another shot...had a bunch of leaves and trash in bottom...aqua gravel left from the plants that died...found a lizard in the bottom but he got sucked up by the vacuum...LOL

i have more plans for it...i will make another post when i do some more things to it...just couldn't wait to share...i had a visitor from a blog today called ADD housewife...what  a good name! even though i have never been diagnosed with it, sometimes i think i have it...maybe thats why i have so many things going...


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