Saturday, May 19, 2012


i've had this chair for some came from jeffs grandmas house when she moved was one of the pieces nobody wanted...i really didn't have a place for it but i love to take free things...who doesn't? especially when i know that i can try to work my magic on it... was in good shape...i just don't like stained wood...
i mixed up some chalk paint...gave it 2 coats...i didn't get full coverage on this piece...i knew i wanted to distress and sand...very easy sanding with just 2 coats of the paint...just a small amount needed...i didn't even use a whole tester of paint...

i'm not really fond of the color of the seat cushion, but it does have a bit of the blue color in it..its hard to tell from the pics...i think i may leave it for a while...just til i decide what i'm going to do with it...
i love little projects like this..i could do these all day every day!


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