Friday, May 4, 2012

Bleach Tshirt

recently while i was visiting the dollar tree, i picked up a couple of tshirts...i have been wanting to try something crafty with bleach...hannah marie is into tie dye shirts so i knew that she would be happy with what ever i came up with...the first thought i had was to do some type of stencil with maybe her name...i came across this post at I Love To Create and decided to give it a try...if i ruined it, the shirt was only $1...

i started out with just a plain tshirt...for some reason the neck was so small...probably why it was at dollar tree in the first place...i just cut it out around the seam...
i took some painters tape and applied it to the shirt in the design i wanted...i didn't want to spend alot of time on it just because i had a fear of it not working...the shirt that is posted on the I Love To Create blog had a bit more detailing...i then took a spray bottle with bleach in it and sprayed the whole shirt...i didn't dilute it any
the shirt...happiness...the end ....


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