Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bathroom Remodel

i've been busy!! i wanted to share with you what i've been working on...this is a bathroom remodel...i'm not quite finished with it but i will post what i have done and explain how i did it...

first of all, let me start by saying that this bathroom is in a 1979 liberty mobile home...its a little different than a normal bathroom... 

this remodel was done on a very strict was meant to be a quick fix for a vacation home without having to spend tons of money...

this house was not occupied when we looked at it...very basic white walls that had been sprayed with a gun...there was white over spray on everything...

as you can see, the vanity cabinet was in sad shape...paneling, wood trim, white doors...over look the floor...its pretty bad..2 different floor coverings...

shot of the cabinet white i was prepping for paint
i picked brown...not my first choice but this was oops paint that only cost me about $2...i'm on a very strict budget so brown was the color...

before and after...i need to paint the handles...thats on my to do list!

this wall had a piece of paneling cut and screwed onto the wall! it was covering a small hole...instead of repairing the hole, they just covered it with a piece of lazy is that?

the same wall after paint...i also picked this color based on oops paint...for around $2.50
before and after...i believe the towel holder was $2.99
wall where toliet is...i removed the towel bar for now
couldn't wait to post!!

little fish that i got at old time pottery
shower curtain that i bought at kmart...shelf said $19.99 but rang up for $8...YAY for me!!

bathmats and toliet cover that i paid $9.99 at old time pottery...
 for around $25 i revamped the bathroom...still have some things to do but pleased so far at the progress that i'm making...i will add more pics of updates...

i still have to redo the floor..another project for another day


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  1. beautiful! Asheley we have some very nice flooring that we put in our bathroom we think it will be enough for yours,if u like and it fits let us no. Maybe we can trade if Jeff would please spray our yard for ants? lol either way the flooring is yours .We had to by a whole box for 1 piece non refundable. let me no phone num: 8103481801 bud and shelley

  2. Its shower curtain with an underwater theme and bright orange walls will encourage someone to take a bath there because they look so refreshing. Who says no one will spend less than a hundred bucks to remodel a bathroom? Great job for making it look great even without shelling a lot of money from your wallet!

    William Gulliver

    1. thank you so much! i can't wait to share more! i've saved a ton of money...